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Date Print Unattested Sign Grantor/Grantee/Owner/Agent circle one verified by Print Form Form RT-1. Real Estate Sales Validation Form This Document must be filed in accordance with Code of Alabama 1975 Section 40-22-1 Grantor s Name Mailing Address Property Address Date of Sale Total Purchase Price or Actual Value Assessor s Market Value The purchase price or actual value claimed on this form can be verified in the following documentary evidence check one Recordation of documentary evidence...
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Alabama's governor Bentley just made a special video announcement saying this date has not and cannot at this time pay for the most basic of services that the state must provide to its people Alabama is broke in other words in his announcement video he says he's made a lot of cuts to spending already he says the state has borrowed money and keeps doing that for decades now just to fund essential services he says he's been reforming Medicaid from top to bottom shifting costs from the government to the private sector he says he tried to increase taxes, but the state legislature didn't go for that he says he's done so many things to try to get Alabama out of the hole that it is still broke, so he says it's time for the state to find a permanent solution and in the video governor Bentley says he has just that he says his solution will provide funding the state can count on year after year without having to raise taxes or put one more band-aid on the state's money problems his solution he wants to call a special election in which Alabamans can vote on a statewide lottery so basically governor Bentley thinks if alabama has a lottery its citizens will buy lots of lottery tickets in hopes of instant wealth and all that money from its citizens broken dreams will go right into the state coffers funding problems saw in the video he talks about having faith that Alabamans will do the right thing he has faith that they will have faith that they will win the lottery and then won't but hey at least the state will have money in the video he talks about Alabama's voting for their right, and then it's their right to gamble away all their money and then right after that he talks about how the children the elderly and those with mental illness all need everyone to vote for the right to gamble because that is the only way they'll get what they need this is the only idea Alabama has left now to make money the lottery which makes the governor's last words in the video all that more poignant god bless you all because if gambling is the only option left for us, we're gonna need all the help we can get earthly or otherwise tonight let's talk about that you
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